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Creative Space

I am bringing my love of art and its therapeutic potential to the clinic. Research shows that a creative outlet has the ability to decrease stress, anxiety, and even pain. Cultivating a sense of curiosity, curiosity, and play helps calm the nervous system, as well as build new pathways within the nervous system allowing for the potential of better pain and stress management. 


I have developed a creative space that is for anyone to explore their own art intuitively and without any judgement or expectation. The goal is not so much about the end product, but rather the process of getting in the flow with ones inner creative self.


I will offer guidance on how to begin:

  • Do you want to explore if a creative outlet will help you decrease your own stress/anxiety/pain?

  • Do you have a desire to get back to your artistic/creative side?

  • Do you want to cultivate a curious and creative mindset?

  • Do you feel "stuck" in a pattern you know is not healthy?

Come in and see how your nervous system responds to some creative flow and freedom!

Supplies for drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor painting (my personal favorite), charcoal/pastels, and collage are provided. 

Contact me with any questions or to set up a session (starting at 30 min).

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