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Your experience at Farm to Treatment Table is designed to heighten your expectation of what physical therapy can do for you.


We aim for you to feel comfortable, and relaxed. You will be welcomed into a peaceful office space, that includes top of the line therapy and Pilates equipment and a cozy waiting area.  

Your first visit to Farm to Treatment Table will begin with an initial evaluation, where Becky will take time to listen to your complaints, and then perform a series of evaluative techniques (such as range of motion measurements and strength testing).  After this thorough evaluation is complete, Becky will be able to determine the best course of treatment, explain her findings to you, and also have time to begin treatment that day.  

Follow up sessions may include any combination of soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, visceral mobilization, trigger point dry needling, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, rehabilitative based Pilates, therapeutic exercise, visceral mobilization, and kinesio taping.  All services provided are one on one with Becky, and are included in the price per visit fee.  

Initial evaluations are 75 minutes, and follow up visits are either 60 or 30 minutes, depending on what you and Becky determine to be the best course of treatment.   


Farm to Treatment Table believes strongly in high quality care, and the value of skilled physical therapy.  We intend to provide every client with the individual attention and services needed to best meet your goals.  We want every client to have a positive experience with physical therapy, and walk away feeling the benefits of our exceptional and experienced care.

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