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"Becky cured my plantar fasciitis in 4 sessions! I loved her whole body approach and the exercises she taught me to help. So thankful I found her!"   

                                                                                                 Melissa G.


"Becky has treated three generations of my family; my mother, my grandmother, and now myself.  

We have all found her approach to be warm, informed, and proactive.

She is invested in her patient's wellness; offering relief while providing the tools for confident self-care long after you've left her table."   

                Nicole R.

"Becky is amazing!!!  She is an incredibly smart, kind, compassionate provider. Her physical therapy and anatomy knowledge base is excellent. Her training in dry needling is invaluable. She was able to treat my tender face and scalp muscles due to clenching/grinding my teeth while I sleep. She has helped me with posture, self care, and Pilates as well. I can't recommend her enough!!!!" 

                                                                                                Allison H. 

"I fractured my elbow in Jiu Jitsu class and couldn't extend it hardly past 90 degrees due to the swelling.  After one session with Becky I was able to almost get my elbow to full extension and the results just kept getting better.  She makes you feel very comfortable during your session and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her craft.  We had a great time during physical therapy I can confidently say if I or anyone I know gets hurt again I will be referring them here!"

   Ryan M.


"I've been suffering from low-grade, chronic low back and hip pain for several years. My issues didn’t mandate surgery, but the chronic pain was a daily discomfort and discouraged me from enjoying some of my favorite athletic activities. I’d gone to chiropractors and massage therapists regularly with little to no improvement.

Becky at Farm to Treatment Table introduced me to trigger point dry needling which alleviated my pain immediately for days, and eventually weeks at a time.

She also taught me Pilates-based strengthening exercises and brought awareness to my own, unique, imbalanced body mechanics. The combination of awareness in how I move and targeting specific areas to strengthen empowered me to manage my own rehabilitation beyond her treatment sessions.

Best of all, she worked a treatment plan around my favorite athletic activities so that I didn’t need to give up what I love doing in order to minimize my pain.

Now my pain is greatly reduced and my quality of life is more enjoyable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Becky to others for her individually-tailored, multidiscipline treatment plans."                                                                  

Laney M.

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