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Have you ever heard of Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRA)? How about “Separated Abs?”


You might be wondering if you have this after your childbirth experience.  You might also be wondering what it means for your health and your ability to get fit again.  Or, maybe your head is swimming with ALL of the programs out there that promise to heal your separated abs…


Jen and Beth Anne are here to help you sort out the facts from fiction about Separated Abdominals, or DRA.

Join pelvic health physical therapists: 

Jennifer Anderson PT, DPT, OCS and

Beth Anne Fisher, PT, DPT, CSCS, WHC 


April 24, 2019



Jen and Beth Anne will be sharing about what DRA actually is, how it affects the body, what is known (and what isn’t known) about DRA from the research so far, and Jen and Beth Anne will offer you tips to get you started to heal your body.  


During this workshop you will also have the opportunity to learn how to assess your own belly for an abnormal DRA width, have Jen and Beth Anne double check your assessment, and they will be available to answer questions at the end.


Join us for an evening of learning, improving your body awareness, and getting your facts straight about separated abdominals!


Bring: A yoga mat, your questions about DRA, and a curiosity about your body...


Cost: $20  

Space is limited, please reserve your spot in advance. 


For inquiries or questions, contact:


Jennifer Anderson at

Beth Anne Fisher at

Becky Kellogg at

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